Below is a menu for the talks. The essential basics are The Starters. The main course is all about fats. The desserts complete the package. Ideally you would listen to the Information video first followed by the first 3 starters. However, if your schedule doesn't allow, take them in any order (after the information talk). Talks are published around one month in advance. Watch this space for Webinars - coming soon!

  • Information Video Gives a general insight into the talks and explains my point of view
  • Gut Overview An introduction to how you gut governs health
  • Gut Microbes A little more depth on gut microbes
  • Urine metabolites What your breakdown products say about your health
  • Oxalates A specific breakdown product that explains why juicing and fruit is not for everyone
  • Mitochondria The energy producer in our cells and how to keep it healthy
  • Fats overview An introduction and general look at fats
  • Saturated fat Not all bad - an explanation
  • Palm oil Red gold - find out why you need to know about this power fat
  • Coconut oil What your breakdown products say about your health
  • PUFAs The good, the bad and the just plain ugly
  • Fish oil Have we forgotten why fish oil is so good for us?
  • Flax & Quark Introducing omega3 plus protein - why it works
  • Kefir and other fermented essentials
  • Vitamin K2 The forgotten vitamin
  • Mealtimes Myth buster. When to eat!
  • Fasting Why is this important?